The field of physical chemistry known as electrochemistry studies how a recognisable chemical change and an electrical potential difference interact as a measurable and quantitative phenomenon, with the potential difference either resulting from or being a cause of the chemical change.  There are numerous frequent uses for electrochemistry in daily life. Chemical processes are the primary source of electricity for all types of batteries, including those that run flashlights, calculators, and automobiles. The plating of objects with decorative metals like gold or chromium uses electricity. Example: Electrochemistry includes the study of electrochemical cells. Cells that transform chemical energy into electrical energy are involved. Galvanic, also known as Voltaic and electrolytic cells are the two varieties of electrochemical cells. While electrolytic cells utilise non-spontaneous reactions and therefore need an external electron source, such as a DC battery or an AC power source, galvanic cells get their energy from spontaneous redox reactions.

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