An inorganic compound in chemistry is often a substance devoid of carbon-hydrogen bonds, meaning it is not an organic substance. Authorities have varying opinions on the matter; hence the distinction is not precisely defined. Inorganic chemistry is the study of the remaining subset of chemicals (i.e., those not containing carbon), while organic chemistry is defined as the study of compounds containing carbon. In the past, the term "inorganic" referred to the chemistry of "non-living" substances, specifically molecules and ions that did not include carbon.

Inorganic chemistry has four main types of chemical reactions:

·         Combination,

·         Decomposition,

·         Single displacement, and

·         Double displacement.

Some straightforward carbon-containing compounds are frequently regarded as inorganic. Examples include the following salts of inorganic cations: carbonates, carbon dioxide, carbides, and carbon monoxide.

Keywords: Organometallic Chemistry |Transition Element | Coordination Number |P-Block Elements |s- Block Elements | Acid, Bases and Salts | Crystal Field Theory (CFT) | Valence Bond Theory.

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